How Clinton School of Public Service is Empowering Leaders to Create Lasting Change

Little Rock, AR – Clinton School of Public Service has rapidly evolved into a beacon of excellence in public service education. This institution prepares the next generation of public service professionals, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to thrive in diverse roles across the nonprofit, governmental, volunteer, and private sectors. With a focus on equity, challenging oppression, and effecting positive social change, the school is revolutionizing the way people approach public service education and creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

The school offers two exceptional graduate degree programs designed to empower students to make a lasting impact on their communities: the Master of Public Service (MPS) and Clinton School Online (CSO). The MPS program, a full-time, in-person offering, stands as the first of its kind in the nation to incorporate field service as an academic credit. Over the course of two years and 40 credit hours, students embark on a transformative journey that combines core classes, field service projects, and elective courses. This comprehensive approach equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge to become effective leaders and changemakers in their respective communities.

The MPS program at the Clinton School of Public Service embraces an interdisciplinary approach, ensuring that no single academic discipline takes precedence. It strikes a balance between rigorous public policy analysis, effective communication, and intensive relationship-building. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to enable students’ studies and field experiences to complement and reinforce one another, emphasizing the program’s interdisciplinary nature and fostering close-knit learning environments due to small class sizes.

The Clinton School Online (CSO) program at the Clinton School of Public Service caters specifically to professionals who are already established in their desired careers but aspire to further enhance their impact in the realm of public service. This innovative program is structured around online courses, offering the flexibility and convenience that working professionals require. However, it also recognizes the value of in-person interactions and experiences. CSO beautifully balances this need by bookending the program with on-campus experiences at the beginning and conclusion of the curriculum.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and affordability, the Clinton School of Public Service ensures that students have ample opportunities for financial support. As part of its commitment, the school offers a wide range of national awards, scholarships, and fellowships, providing students with valuable funding options. Excitingly, starting from the Fall 2023 enrollment cycle, the school is significantly expanding its scholarship opportunities, more than tripling the number available to enrolling students. This expanded offering aims to alleviate financial burdens and make the pursuit of a Master of Public Service degree more accessible to a diverse range of aspiring public service professionals.

Additionally, Clinton School of Public Service provides enhanced cost-of-living stipends, further supporting students as they navigate their educational journey. With these robust scholarships and funding opportunities, the school demonstrates its unwavering commitment to empowering students and enabling them to focus on their studies and impactful contributions without undue financial strain.

Clinton School of Public Service is located at 1200 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201, US. To schedule a consultation, contact their team at 501-683-5200. To learn more about Clinton School of Public Service, visit their website.

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