NEWHD, New York, Where Rock Lives, to Honor Veterans with a 21 Hour Classic Rock Salute.

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New York, November 8, 2023 – (PlatoData vai 500NewsWire) — NEWHD, New York's premier rock radio station, is set to pay tribute to our nation's veterans with a remarkable event – a 21 Hour Classic Rock Salute, hosted by the renowned Rock Chap Bill Wade. This special program will exclusively feature classic rock hits cherished by veterans, accompanied by essential information from the Veterans Administration, including crucial insights on Suicide Prevention.

Zach Martin, the Founder of NEWHD, emphasizes the significance of tangible support for veterans, stating, "Veterans need to be supported by actions and not just words. These brave men and women have dedicated themselves to upholding the ideals and values that make America great, to the extent of being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our way of life. However, when veterans transition out of their respective branches, they often face challenges such as unemployment, PTSD, and various mental and health issues that demand our attention and care. NEWHD is committed to advocating for and supporting veterans through special programming like Veterans Classic Rock."

The 21 Hour Classic Rock Salute promises to be a powerful and moving experience, not only filled with the timeless rock music that veterans hold dear but also with crucial information from the Veterans Administration aimed at addressing the unique needs of veterans, particularly focusing on suicide prevention.

NEWHD, known for its dedication to both rock music and community engagement, has partnered with to amplifi this special event. This collaboration ensures that the Classic Rock Salute reaches a wider audience and provides even more support for our deserving veterans.

Members of the public who wish to join this meaningful tribute and show their support for veterans can do so by texting "VCR" to 34321. Additionally, you can listen to NEWHD Radio by downloading their app, allowing you to enjoy the 21 Hour Classic Rock Salute and stay connected with NEWHD's programming. NEWHD is also available on TuneIn for the convenience of its listeners.

As we approach a time to honor those who have selflessly served our country, NEWHD's 21 Hour Classic Rock Salute stands as a testament to their sacrifice and an opportunity for the community to come together in support of veterans. Let us unite in paying our respects and raising awareness about the unique challenges veterans face as they transition to civilian life.

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